Expertise in treating overweight children

PositiveOverWeight is for overweight children and is a part of the healthcare offering at The Pediatric Practice. We provide insight into the causes of obesity and provide treatment for overweight children.

Why PositiveOverWeight?

People are often too quick to judge an overweight child. As if it is simply a matter of eating less and exercising more. The underlying causes are often much more complex, which means the solution is also not so straightforward, but definitely achievable.

An effective approach to treating overweight children requires knowledge of different disciplines, which must be properly coordinated. This approach demands more time and attention than is usually available via the regular healthcare channels.

PositiveOverWeight arose from this insight. Our goal is to provide the best treatment available and help guide your child to a happy and healthy future.

Positive works better

PositiveOverWeight follows a solution-oriented approach. First, the pediatrician will sit with you to explore the potential causes of obesity in your situation and to discuss the various treatment options. To make the right choice, it is important that we have a clear picture of both your child’s and your family’s goals for the future.Then, we look at what is going well with your child and how we can develop that further, rather than focusing on what he/she shouldn’t be doing. In our experience, this approach works best. That’s why we are Positive Over Weight!

Everything is still possible

You lay the foundation for a healthy future during childhood. Unfortunately, being overweight as a child puts that future at risk. Although initially, the only visible signs may be that the child is putting on weight, all sorts of things may be changing in the body. For example, high blood pressure or the first stages of diabetes may be developing. Fortunately, all of these things are often completely reversible.
For a small group of overweight children there is a medical cause for the obesity. But even for that group, if you understand what is going on, there is much to be done to effectively address the problem.

The Pediatric Practice

PositiveOverWeight is part of the healthcare we provide at The Pediatric Practice.
Our goal at The Pediatric Practice is to provide your child with the best personalized pediatric care, in as relaxed an environment as possible, with direct access to the pediatrician. You won’t be confronted with a sea of different people, like you might expect in a hospital. With a referral from your general practitioner (huisarts) or youth healthcare doctor (jeugdarts), you can quickly make an appointment. And just as in the hospital, your health insurance covers the care we provide, and for insured children there is never a co-pay or deductible to worry about.

How do we define Overweight?

We say a child is overweight when their weight is too high in relation to their height, also taking into account age and sex. This is usually expressed as a BMI (Body Mass Index).