’A child doesn’t belong in the hospital’

A child doesn’t belong in a hospital.  And fortunately, that is certainly unnecessary in most cases.  The Pediatric Practice offers specialized medical care for children 18 and under, close to home.  No intimidating white coats, and with all the time and attention your child needs.

Why The Pediatric Practice?

Our goal at The Pediatric Practice is to provide your child with the best personalized pediatric care, in as relaxed an environment as possible.  You won’t be confronted with a sea of different people, like you might expect in a hospital. With a referral from your general practitioner (huisarts), or youth healthcare doctor (jeugdarts) you can quickly make an appointment.  And just as in the hospital, your health insurance covers the care we provide, and for insured children there is never a co-pay or deductible to worry about.

What care do we provide?

At The Pediatric Practice, you’ve come to the right place for all non-acute healthcare needs for your child (where a hospital admission is not required).  Fortunately, that covers the most commonly occurring complaints.  Your GP or youth healthcare doctor from the healthcare center in your neighborhood (consultatiebureau) will make an initial diagnosis.  If more extensive investigation or a hospital admittance is necessary, we can refer you directly to the right (super) specialist.  This way, your child is assured of the best care in the right place.


PositiveOverWeight is a specialized treatment center for children with a weight problem, and is a part of our offering at The Pediatric Practice.
We counsel children with weight problems, as well as their parents, to guide them to a healthy future. And as long as necessary. We are a team of professionals working together, all specialized in handling children with weight problems, under the direction of the pediatrician. So, ONE team, listens to your situation ONE time, ONE clear treatment plan, and we provide all the attention necessary to carry it out.