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Your first appointment

To make an appointment, you’ll need a referral letter from your general practitioner (huisarts) or youth healthcare doctor (jeugdarts). You are also welcome without a referral letter, but our costs probably will not be covered by your insurance company, in which case you would be responsible for payment.

A referral from your GP (huisarts) or youth health care doctor (jeugdarts) can happen in one of two ways:

You receive a paper referral letter.

In this case, call us to make an appointment. You can also fill in the contact form and indicate that you’d like to make an appointment. Leave your phone number on the form and we’ll call you within 24 hours.

Your doctor refers you directly to us, via their online system.

In this case, you don’t need to do anything. Your information is automatically transmitted to us and we’ll call you within 24 hours to make an appointment.

If you have questions for us, you can include them on the contact form.

Things to bring to your first appointment

During the first appointment, you’ll need to bring the following:

  1. Proof of identity for your child (we are required to check this)
  2. The medicine boxes for all medication your child uses.
  3. Your child’s growth data (you’ll find this in their growth book (groeiboekje), or by request from the GGD)
  4. A signed parental consent form (see the Patient Portal)

A follow-up appointment for the same complaint

If you need a follow-up appointment for the same complaint within 12 months of the first appointment, you don’t need a referral letter and can make an appointment with us directly.

Cancelling or changing appointments

The Pediatric Practice finds it important to spend sufficient time and attention with every patient. To this end, we schedule ample time for each and every appointment. This time is reserved specifically for your child. It is therefore important that you are on time for the appointment. If there are unforeseen circumstances that come up, please call us immediately and let us know, so we can plan another child in that time slot and also make a new appointment for your child. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours ahead of time, we are forced to charge you 50 euros, which is not reimbursed by your insurer.