Voor patiënten

For whom?

The Pediatric Practice is for all children from age 0 to 18 with a complaint or problem for which the general practitioner or youth healthcare doctor (huisarts or jeugdarts) thinks that a pedatrician should be involved.  The Pediatric Practice is not intended for acute health problems.

When a patient turns 18 while under treatment by the pediatrician, they may choose to continue to be treated by the pediatrician. The pediatrician ensures a clean transfer of care to the internist as soon as the patient desires.

What sort care do we offer?

The Pediatric Practice offers specialized medical care outside the hospital.
Examples of this care are:

  • Baby care: growth and developmental problems such as crying, spitting up, growth problems, wheezing, eczema, suspicion of allergies.
  • Child care: headaches, stomach aches, tiredness and other long-lasting complaints. Bowel movement or urination problems, shortness of breath, allergies, too short? too tall? Puberty questions.
  • For children suffering from obesity or who are overweight, we have a specialized treatment center: PositiveOverWeight.
    Read more about this specialized treatment center here.

Have you come to the right place for your child’s complaint? Contact us.

No acute care

The Pediatric Practice does not provide acute healthcare. For emergency problems, your general practitioner (huisarts) will direct you to one of the nearby hospitals.

Lab testing

For lab testing, we use the SHO Center for Medical Diagnostic Testing, located in MC Ganzenhof (www.sho.nl).
For X-rays, we use OLVG-East.

Make or change an appointment

To make an appointment, you’ll need a referral letter from your general practitioner (huisarts) or youth healthcare doctor (jeugdarts). You are also welcome without a referral letter, but our costs will probably not be covered by your insurance company, in which case you would be responsible for payment.



If you have a referral letter from your general practitioner (huisarts) or youth healthcare doctor (jeugdarts), then the care provided by the pediatrician is always covered under your basic insurance. For children, there is no deductible or co-pay required, so all costs for your visits are always completely covered.

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