About us

What we aim for

When children become ill, it often causes stress for parents and the rest of the family. Our goal is to limit this stress as much as possible. We do this partly by providing our care outside a hospital setting. And, of course, you would not want to expose your child to a hospital environment unless necessary.

The goal of The Pediatric Practice is to provide your child with the best in pediatric medicine, in as stress-free an environment as possible. Our motto is: “Better close to home than in the hospital.”

In the Netherlands, unlike the situation abroad, almost all pediatricians work in a hospital.
However, a hospital environment is unnecessary for the treatment of the most common complaints. The Pediatric Practice offers the specialist care of a pediatrician, but then outside the hospital, in a homelike setting, without the white coats, and close to home. We are here for all children under 18 along with their parents or guardians.

And should a referral to a (super)specialist or hospitalization be necessary, we will ensure that your child ends up in the right place as soon as possible.

What we stand for

The Pediatric Practice offer the care of an experienced pediatrician, outside the hospital.
A referral to The Pediatric Practice has even more advantages for you and your child:

At The Pediatric Practice you always have contact with an experienced pediatrician, so you won’t have to repeat your story several times to a sea of changing faces, as you would in a hospital.

Keeping the lines of communication short with the general practitioner (huisarts) and other health care providers in your neighborhood helps ensure an optimal coordination between them and the pediatrician.

If more time is necessary for an appointment, we’ll take this into account so that you and your child are helped quickly and get all the attention needed.

Interim direct contact with the pediatrician is also possible, in order to quickly address any concerns you may have.

Due to flexible opening hours, you can always make an appointment quickly.

Sometimes it is necessary for your child to be referred to another specialist. Due to our close contacts with (super) specialists at the area hospitals, we can refer you quickly to the right place, if necessary.

Dr. Saskia Bouma, pediatrician

Big: 09049603401

The Pediatric Practice was set up by Dr. Saskia Bouma. She studied medicine at the University of Utrecht and obtained her PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 2003. She did her pediatric training at the Spaarnegasthuis in Haarlem, and the Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam. She worked for years as a general pediatrician in the Amstelland hospital in Amstelveen and the VU hospital in Amsterdam. Currently, in addition to her work at The Pediatric Practice, she works in the acute pediatric care in several hospitals. She is a very experienced pediatrician with broad knowledge of pediatrics and a large network of colleagues, who are further specialized in various fields. Dr. Saskia is also specialized in the counseling and treatment of overweight and obese children, for which she has set up a separate clinic: PositiveOverWeight. In addition to her profession as a general pediatrician, she is also in training to be lifestyle coach. She has a passion for children in general, and connects well with adolescent children. As a mother of 2 adolescent sons, that comes in very handy.


Lab testing

We use SHO, the center for medical diagnostics at their location in MC Ganzenhoef for all our laboratory testing.
We use OLVG East for X-rays.

Advisory Board

Marloes Meurs – de Vries MBA MSc

Owner of a multidisciplinary children’s practice, a child physiotherapist at the Kinderfysio Noord practice, and a process counselor in the field of collaboration in healthcare “with the patient as the central point” at PSQ Healthcare Consulting.

Marloes has a soft spot in her heart for helping children grow up in a safe and strong environment with the help of their parents. Over the past 20 years, she has built up her own high-quality care practice, centered around the patient’s request for help. In her practice, she often collaborates with pediatricians when caring for children with obesity and / or other chronic complaints. Marloes is happy to contribute her knowledge and expertise to Saskia Bouma’s pediatric practice, as a member of her Advisory Board.

Willy Jubels-Hatenboer

After completing her study in Business Administration, she worked nearly 15 years in the financial sector, after which she lent her expertise to the family business (Jubels B.V.) in the marketing and communications areas. She runs the subsidiary “Webshop Instant Celebration B.V.”

Her middle daughter has a genetic form of obesity, which drove her to commit herself to the Dutch Foundation over Weight, focusing on children suffering from obesity. In this role, she has contributed to the development of a national medical guideline for the treatment of obese children and to the revision of the CBO guideline for diagnosis and treatment of obesity in adults and children. She advises The Pediatric Practice and PositiveOverWeight from her perspective and experience as a parent and patient representative.


The pediatricians are affiliated with the Dutch association of Pediatric Medicine (NVK) and meet all their quality requirements.


Reviews Dr. Saskia Bouma

Saskia is a very committed, dedicated and sympathetic pediatrician. When we were at a loss as to how to deal with the hyperactive behavior of our 5 year old son, she was ready and available with help and advice. That was very nice. Saskia helped us tremendously in guiding us and ultimately quickly referring us to an appropriate specialist.

Bianca van Grondelle

A kind and knowledgeable doctor with a talent for listening, which enabled her to make a rare diagnosis of our children. We have had a lot of visits and our children love her. Because the condition of our children is so rare, we have moved on to another hospital, but have fine memories!

Zorgkaart Nederland

Wonderful listener with respect for the child. Explains everything at the child’s level.

Zorgkaart Nederland

This pediatrician is really sweet to the kids. She explains everything clearly and well. We had full confidence in her from day 1.

Zorgkaart Nederland

A very fine manner of dealing with children: The child is central!

Zorgkaart Nederland